Thursday, 3 August 2017

Is Expensive Always Reassuring? Why Should Great Team Building Break the Bank?

By Mark Kingston Jones


We often get told we are comparatively cheap (with prices starting at £41.50 per person), which might put prospective clients off if they assume less expensive = lower quality!

But we love doing our events, they are fun for us, for our clients and the incredible animals we work with, so why shouldn't they be accessible to as wide an audience as possible? More importantly if we did less workshops we would end up making less enrichment for the animals. The saying goes that you work with animals for love and not money, and our motivation comes from the fact we genuinely love what we do: we are passionate about it, we want to share that passion with as many clients as we can and we want to give as much back to the animals as possible!

In fact recently we have made our events even more affordable by creating new pricing packages for 3 of our partnerships collections, Lakeview Monkey Sanctuary (Ascot), Longleat (Wiltshire), and Woburn Safari Park (Bedfordshire). We now have set prices for groups of up to 20 people and a simple per person rate above this number so you know exactly how much it will cost your group for an incredible event, in a wonderful location, including all the tools and materials needed to complete an awesome enrichment project!

Even our more expensive packages like the fantastic combination with formal training from ICD (Intelligent Conservation Development), and our Ultimate Enclosure Build Package are great value when you break down what is included.

So, the question is not why it is only going to cost £1,900 to take your team to a private monkey sanctuary for a full day of making enrichment items for monkeys, it is why the hell have we not heard of this before and how will we contain our excitement between now and then? Please be assured our events do not need to be gold plated to be gold star, our feedback from previous attendees and the photos/videos of the people and animals enjoying our events testify that we do not skimp on quality.

Why not contact us now to find out how our bespoke service would work for you!

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