Monday, 6 February 2017

Why collecting feedback is incredibly important to us!

By Mark Kingston Jones

For Chris and I making sure we deliver is critical to our business, and our egos…

We have always collected feedback on everything we do, from our courses to our workshops and are constantly adapting and improving what we do based on feedback. As a result everything we do now with Team Building with BITE has come about through a process of development over the last 7 years.
The course completely exceeded my expectations. I had a rough idea of what we would be doing, however you never really know until you get there. The activity encouraged teamwork and working with people I didn't know too well and we all had to work together to achieve the objectives. I attempted to use a drill which is something I've never done and there were a variety of skills needed across the day. The objectives were clear from the outset and Mark and Chris gave us clear instructions and any help/ advice we needed as the day progressed. It was fantastic to see our finished project up and running and out in the monkey pen. I only hope it works and keeps them intrigued for a while. Only one thing to note which is more of an observation than a criticism. It was a pretty hot day and there wasn't too much water. However, it was really up to us to ask for more, just an observation. Thanks for the opportunity to take part, it was a thoroughly enjoyable day!’ 5/5 stars. 22 June 2016. (*We now ensure the client definitely does not need to chase for more water!)

But how do you know that as a client the glowing testimonials we select to go on our website are reflective of what people really say about us? Obviously we will pick the very best to rave about how wonderful we are and even though all our feedback up until 2015 had actually been incredibly positive, why should you believe us? So when we were referred to by a colleague we were intrigued, excited, but wary. We knew
we were doing good work, and we wanted a way to prove it, but what if we had a bad day, what if someone really didn’t like their experience? The idea was a little daunting but we signed up for a trial and we have not looked back, especially after being ranked as the 2nd highest rated provider in our first and second year on the site!

I actually find it quite addictive, and after sending out the link to the client I find myself being unable to wait for the daily breakdown and keep checking back to see what has come in. After 76 reviews on our team building workshops with an average score of 4.84 out of 5 we have not been disappointed…

I was looking for a team building activity to bring together the various department managers within my team, This was a great opportunity to simply role our sleeves up and create something together. My team really liked the fact that the finished product was being put to good use, and having the colobus monkeys as end users added a unique element to the day. The day was arranged efficiently at relatively short notice and the guys running the session were attentive and friendly, many thanks.’ 5/5 stars. 12 Oct, 2016.

Well that bit about not being disappointed is mostly true, as our own biggest critics, the ten 4-star ratings we have received are always a little disappointing and when we received our only score of 3/5 we were incredibly disappointed! But it came with a good comment:

Great fun and completely unique!’ 3/5 stars. 08 April, 2016

This does serve as a nice reminder that everyone views these scores differently. Still it is a great way of keeping us on our toes, we REALLY want those 5-stars from each and every one of our clients so it means we are never off, every booking we get is going to get the chance to publicly rate us, so we have to show them our best.

Fantastic , but the only thing I would change is- a more in-depth briefing and a diagram of the structure we are building as some of us got confused with the bit we were making and would of made much more sense if we had seen a picture or drawing of it on a board or paper...... other than that it was great’ 4/5 stars. 16 July 2015. (*We now ensure that the groups receive a sketch or diagram of the finished items for clarity… unless this is part of the challenge of course!)

We really like using Coursecheck as it shows our clients it is reliable feedback, we cannot edit or delete negative feedback, we only get the opportunity to respond and it means no more anecdotal reviews – if we say someone has said something about us, you can find the source so you know you are getting the value for money and event specialisation you deserve! As Chris Wigglesworth, the Founder of Coursecheck says:

You may well have glowing testimonials on your website but prospective customers know they’ve been hand-picked by you; and that significantly reduces their effectiveness. If you really want to prove how good you are, you need to show people a complete picture of all the feedback you get; and preferably on an independent website.

I also like the way the data can be accessed, so that I can see from 61 team building comments we have had ‘20 fantastics’,
‘15 funs’, ‘11 brilliants’, ‘11 recommends’, ‘7 friendly and helpful instructors’, ‘4 uniques’… so we can be confident using those words when describing our events! 

And just to finish, an amazing review from our 80th Team Building Workshop last week:

'Loved....loved.....LOVED....the task! Building cubes for a Gorilla to play with....not something I ever thought I would do, but very proud to have done it. Getting to see the Gorilla's play with the end result was just amazing. The event itself was well timed with the right amount of instruction (and help!) when needed. Mark was very friendly and knowledgeable about the animals which added another level to the event. I cannot rave about this enough!' 5/5 stars. 3 February 2017.

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