Monday, 13 February 2017

Can’t make it to us? No problem we’ll come you!

By Mark Kingston Jones

Now you may be thinking ‘Wait a minute, isn’t the whole premise the unique setting and seeing the animals responses?’

So is this scaled down workshop really going to have the same impact? Well no, frankly, not quite the same, but that is not a bad thing. Not everyone can afford to take time out of the office, or at least not as often as people may like or is necessary to be beneficial to promote good team dynamics. Some teams particularly can really benefit from short exercises to reaffirm connections and allow communication opportunities outside of the normal work spectrum more regularly. Constant days out are not a practical consideration for most businesses, while a lunchtime activity is easily achievable. For other teams, members only get together infrequently and have a lot to catch up on when they do, so they may only have a short window to fit anything extra into. For these kinds of groups popping to the local zoo or animal sanctuary may not be practical. Rather than missing out, we bring a BITE-sized experience to you, bringing the core components of our workshops, with the same value for money, enjoyment and a feeling of accomplishment at the end.

Others who might prefer this in-office event to the outdoor away day are those that are not sure about doing such an ‘out-there’ team building event like ours. Some people feed back to us that our events are so different, people might not be comfortable booking such an unusual experience, so this gives people the chance to try us out on a small scale and see what they think.

If you choose the zookeeper experience you will still get the fun of making items for exotic animals. During the event we will make sure your items are easily recognisable, and we will film the moment we put them in with the animals, and create a video to send you so you will still get to see and share their responses. You still get the moment of ‘that monkey is using what I made’, and the animals still benefit from your effort.

If you choose the pet option, you get to see these great responses yourselves first hand, and making items for each other’s pets promotes a great opportunity for shared communication on a more personal level, both during the build and after as people ask how it went with each other’s pets and compare experiences. As with everything we do with animals, some will work, some will fail and others might be a huge surprise. And there is an added feel good factor as any unclaimed items at the end will be donated to local dog or cat rescue centres.

So consider an office break, a fun experience to bring everyone together, change the energy in the office, and of course there is the possibility you’ll enjoy your taster session so much you’ll come and visit us at one of our incredible locations to do the event in full. 

These experience are only available through LIST OF LIFE EVENTS and you can find out more here: 

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