Monday, 2 January 2017

Ugh, Teambuilding!

By Chris Hales

Taking time to make things better...

Your boss tells you that you are going out for a day of team building activities - How do you feel:





As most organisers keep the upcoming activity a surprise, the general response to our workshops before we start is ‘ugh, teambuilding!’. So why are people disillusioned with the idea, what are their expectations? Is it just the general idea of being forced into an event like this, or the worry of it being embarrassing or difficult? Is it because they have done events before which have made them feel awkward, uneasy, or put them in positions they do not want to be in?

What are the common alternatives we hear about to team building to get everyone together? Meeting down the pub is common, or maybe a fun day out with some archery or zorbing? There is nothing wrong with these options, but can they really fix issues that may be being experienced in the workplace...

Have you or your team ever felt any of these things for example:






These feelings are a problem - they are a problem for you, and for the company and possibly a social event at the end of the day does not go far enough to fix some of these deep routed issues, which can lead to staff being unhappy, under-productive and disruptive, and can eventually lead to people leaving.
There are many examples that show that team building can really help though, creating a happier workforce, which in turns leads to a more productive team.

In a world where the company is often looking at the customer, they tend to forget the most important people, the employees. When was the last time your team took time out from the usual routine to get to know each other and do something worthwhile together? Getting to know each other and just having a 'good time' can be key, and will benefit you and your company no end.

There are many great articles from people in the know about the benefits of team building, these are well worth checking out...​

So team building is genuinely important, which is why we need to change this 'ugh, team building' perception! There is a genuine need to take groups out of the workplace and out of their comfort zone. That's where we come in, with good quality team building that takes people out of their comfort zones, without feeling exposed or ridiculous. Here at Team Building with BITE we invite you to swap keyboards and clipboards, for drills and saws. We strive to give your team an objective with a tangible outcome so people feel like they have really achieved together! By the end of our workshops there is not an 'ugh' to be heard (well, maybe from aching muscles in some of our my physical workshops...), see for yourself HERE

Still not convinced? Richard Branson is regarded as one of the world’s most influential entrepreneur's. Guess who he believes comes first... it's not the customers!

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